EMBRACE: Enhanced Moved by Reading to Accelerate Comprehension in English

How can we improve the English reading comprehension of native Spanish speakers in primary school? We combine theories of embodied education, bilingual instruction, and personalized learning to develop EMBRACE, an iPad application for English language learning based on the Moved by Reading intervention. In EMBRACE, children read stories and move images corresponding to the story text. The system provides them with help in both Spanish and English, assesses their vocabulary and syntactic knowledge, provides them with tailored feedback, and adapts the texts they receive based on their abilities. We have demonstrated that EMBRACE improves reading comprehension over typical reading activities. 

Collaborators: Art Glenberg, Laida Restrepo, Ashley Adams, Sarah Fialko, Ligia Gomez, Audrey Wong, James Rodriguez, Jithin Roy


EMBRACE: Applying Cognitive Tutor Principles to Reading Comprehension

Erin Walker, Audrey Wong, Sarah Fialko, M. Adelaida Restrepo, Arthur M. Glenberg

aied, International Conference of Artificial Intelligence in Education, 2017 May 27, pp. 578-581

When (and how) interacting with technology-enhanced storybooks helps dual language learners.

Erin Walker, Ashley Adams, M. Adelaida Restrepo, Sarah Fialko, Arthur M. Glenberg

Translational Issues in Psychological Science, vol. 3(1), 2016 Nov 31, pp. 66-79